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Entrepreneurs are always looking for good small business advice. I want to share my experience to help entrepreneurs like you become good stewards over their money, possessions, people, information and time.

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Increasing Business Productivity

Increasing Business Productivity

How many leaders have a good idea of how productive each employee is on a day-to-day basis? Learn about how the Five Levels of Productivity can help your business be more efficient.

How to Get More Done!

How to Get More Done!

When Vicki started out as an entrepreneur more than 30 years ago she was becoming overwhelmed by the amount of tasks that she needed to complete. This was surprising because she was accustomed to many tasks as she worked in a back office for most of her career. As the sole owner and only employeeContinue reading “How to Get More Done!”

Connect with other Florida Entrepreneurs and Business Resources

Connect with other Florida Entrepreneurs & Business Resources

Want to connect with other Florida Entrepreneurs? Need resources that can help your business at every stage? The FLVEC connects Florida entrepreneurs with resources and events they need to help and grow their businesses. I was recently featured on the Florida Virtual Entrepreneur (FLVEC) website. Check out my profile and all of the other amazingContinue reading “Connect with other Florida Entrepreneurs & Business Resources”

Speed and Discipline in Business

Speed & Discipline

Speed and Discipline. These are the keywords for resilient companies to survive in an After COVID-19(AC) economy. After the 2008 great recession, resilient companies increased revenues by 30%, reduced operating cost by three times and moved 12 to 24 months earlier than non-resilient companies. Furthermore, resilient companies divested poor performing divisions and product lines inContinue reading “Speed & Discipline”

CARES Act Webinar

CARES Act Webinar

Will your business qualify for this round of Paycheck Protection Program funding?Will you get the help you need? I put together this short video to cover some common questions you may have about the CARES Act and to find out how your business might obtain funding. This video was filmed April 14th in response toContinue reading “CARES Act Webinar”

How To Gain Peace and Clarity In A Crisis

Tune In To Find Out How To Gain Peace and Clarity In A Crisis

Dear Clients & Friends, I hope you’re well amid this crisis. I recorded an interview today with Mike Gilland, host of “Afternoons with Mike Gilland“. With so much out of our control right now, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. In this interview, I discuss what you can do today to gain clarity and peace inContinue reading “Tune In To Find Out How To Gain Peace and Clarity In A Crisis”

What is the CARES Act Sec 1101 Maximum Loan Amount?

What is the CARES Act Sec 1101 Maximum Loan Amount?

Question: What is the maximum loan amount available to my small business (<500 employees) under the government rescue package? Answer: The CARES Act provides loans to small businesses up to $10 million. To determine how much your business is eligible for, you must average your monthly payments for the year preceding the loan date forContinue reading “What is the CARES Act Sec 1101 Maximum Loan Amount?”


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