Colin Low, MSc, FPFS

We hired Don Purcell from CBC about 15 months ago to implement a comprehensive management system for our UK-based financial planning practice. Don proactively implemented positive change and taught us how to keep the new management system operating and not to let us fall back to the old way of doing things. Also, after teaching us very useful management tools to implement in our everyday routine, Don stepped back and allowed us to continue on our own. We respect the fact that he did not try to become a permanent part of our overhead expense. Don provided significant value to our business without us becoming dependent on him. We are grateful that he came in to our business, did the job, and then allowed us to graduate to becoming self-sufficient, more profitable, and with more clarity surrounding the 6 Vital Pieces of running a business.

Dylan Jewell, Student Pastor

“Before Don Purcell introduced us to sound organizational principles, my team and I were not on the same page.  Don has helped us to work together and be more effective in our ministry.  He has brought accountability to my ministry team by placing the right people in the right seats of responsibility. This has freed me up to do tasks that are better suited to my unique ability.  What Don Purcell has done for us cannot be quantified in dollars and cents, but it does have an eternal impact on the kingdom of God.”

Dr. Johnny Wu, Tri-County Foot & Ankle

“Our Business Coach, Don Purcell, taught our leadership team the tools and techniques that allowed me to resume focus on what I enjoy doing the most: treating patients. He helped us get the right people in the right seats. 

“Terminating personnel who did not fit our core values and who were poisoning our culture was like excising cancerous tumors from our practice. The structure and discipline allowed for a quick recovery resulting in a better attitude among our staff and a greatly improved atmosphere in our offices. This lead to higher productivity, adding a SIGNIFICANT amount to our bottom line in the first year of working with Don.”